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UrbanNews702 speaks to King Jus Wurk when we say Brooklyn's own !!! we really mean it READ !!


    (UCM) ... Introduce yourself.  How did you get the stage name Khing Jus Wurk?

(KJW) ... I am Frank D. Monroe born at Kings County Hospital Brooklyn N.Y from Redhook. I have been in foster care, group homes, juvenile dentition and even county jails. Traveled all around the country and not to those pretty places you see in the brochures. I am Wurk, they keep telling me I am going to fail and I just continue to prove them wrong. My name comes from my life, what I believe. Nothing in life will be given to you; you have to work for it. And the spelling just makes it easier to distinguish myself from the rest.

(UCM) ..  It says your from Brooklyn, New York, how do you feel that living there has cultivated your musical style?

(KJW) ... Being from NY (Redhook Brooklyn BTW) my word play will always be sharp that’s what we are known for, our lyrical content, but having been in the southern region for a while I have adapted and merge both styles into something of my own.  Every word is meant and from the heart, drawn from actual experience. You will never hear me talk about anything that I don’t know about. At the same time, I want my audience to realize I’m having fun with this. I enjoy what I do, and I feel that the tracks that I am on do just that.

(UCM) ... Do you write out your lyrics? Do you ever change a song’s lyrics in live sets?

(KJW) ... Yes, I write all my lyrics. If I said it, I wrote it. Sometimes you might be doing a set and get twisted it happens more often then not, but you can never let them see you sweat so of course I have changed a song’s lyric once or twice before.

(UCM) .. Who are your biggest musical influences growing up?  Who do you respect in the game right now?

(KJW) ... Growing up was Jay-Z, Tupac, B.I.G, LL Cool J, TI, and Dipset. It’s weird now that I’m saying it, but those are the main artists I listened to growing up. You actually can tell, listening to my flow…LMAO Folk in the game now…well hats off to Meek Mill, Lil Boosie, Yo Gotti, Drake and the homie Childish Gambino (don’t sleep).

(UCM) ... What has been your most memorable experience so far as an artist?

(KJW) ... My first show…. there’s no feeling like being on stage, the crowd rocking out with you…in your zone, that’s when I knew it was real. Hell yea I want the money and the fame, who wouldn’t? Thing is, I’m willing to Wurk for it. Give the folk what they come for, a show!


(UCM) ... Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? What is your usual songwriting process?

(KJW) ... I gather my music from my life, music has and still is a way for me to express my feelings.  My life isn’t worse than anybody else’s, it was my life and this is how I let go. How I let people know what’s going on in my mind, how I view the world. When I’m writing I let it flow, you can’t force a track out. That’s how I feel, if you do it isn’t natural. Shouldn’t have to think too hard if you speaking truth and what you know. I just put pen to pad, and let it flow.

(UCM) ... Do you think that online presence is important for fans to find you and critics to find your music to write about?

(KJW) ... Happy you asked that question. I accept technology and everything that it stands for. I like having the connection with people, knowing that they see how I living and how hard I’m working. I use every avenue possible to reach people to make it easier. I’m not an artist stunting or hiding anything. I really started from the bottom you feel me, so my online presence is exactly what you see. Me. You gotta be honest today its more than music people wanna know who you are. So it’s detrimental.

(UCM) ... What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free? Why?

(KJW) ... Yea you should, but not always. As an artist you need to know when you can and cannot make that sacrifice, it’s your material, the choice is completely up to you. It’s true you have to pay for your copyrights, publishing, recording, mastering etc., so sometime you got to take the lost just so you can get ahead.

(UCM) ... Since everyone was a startup once, can you give any smaller or local bands looking to get gigs and airplay some tips?

(KJW) ... There’s no such thing as “cant”, just find a different way. Everybody doesn’t have to sell, drugs, bang, twerk…do you, whatever it is. Just make sure its all you and you believe in it.  Also try and become a star before you act like one folk heads is way ahead of their career. Seriously humility will get you far.

(UCM) ... What are your future goals as an artist?  Who would you like to work with?

(KJW) .. I want to go major, would like my opportunity to show the world what I have to offer. I want to do it all, aren’t enough hours in the day. Don’t see how people complain when they reach to a point  

World tours, sponsorships, merchandising even start a few charities. Once I get in motion, I want it to be known that “Wurk” is more than a name; it’s what I do! People I wanna work with Childish Gambino, Yo Gotti, Meek Millz, LL Cool J and Jay ( tell your guys to hit me directly, not hard to find) #Wurkkk

Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?

Email Address: JusWurkEntertainment@gmail.com

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